Géraldine Collet has authored many children's books in her native French and is also a comic-book writer and continues to explore other literary forms. Géraldine was a history teacher and world traveler and began to write children’s books when she had her two daughters. Her books have been translated in Korea, Spain, China, and all of North America, including The King of Poop. She lives in Saint-Quentin, France. Visit her blog: geraldinecollet.unblog.fr or follow her on Instagram @geraldine.collet.

Éric Gasté trained at the Estienne School of Applied Arts in Paris. He worked as artistic director for various Bayard Presse magazines. He now lives in Toulouse, where he is a full-time illustrator. Visit his blog: ericgaste.blogspot.fr or follow him on Instagram @eric.gaste.

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