Lenormand Kipper

The Magick of Lenormand Card Reading
The Magick of Lenormand Card Reading


The Lenormand comes alive in this beautifully illustrated  book that honors tradition yet is also fresh, vibrant, and modern. • Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned professional, this book is guaranteed to provide something new. Perfect for those who wish...

La Santa Muerte Lenormand


The spirit of La Santa Muerte reveals hidden mysteries within and shows the path forward. La Santa Muerte, Our Lady of the Holy Death, is known for answering prayers that other saints often will not. Test your faith with the...

Shadowland Lenormand


A dark and engaging Lenormand deck including wicked little characters to help shine light on your shadows and reveal hidden truths. Fear of what we can’t see has the ability to conjure images of hungry beasts ready to pounce from...

The Art of Kipper Reading


Discover the mystical world of Kipper in this easy-to-understand guide! Developed in 1890, Kipper has long been a favorite of the German divination community. Join Kipper expert Alexandre Musruck as he reinterprets the original the 36-card traditional German system with...

Mirror Truth Lenormand Cards


When you look in the mirror in the morning, you see your outer appearance. Now you can use your inner mirror to recognize invisible and hidden truths to bring them to light. These 36 captivating Lenormand cards with accompanying guidebook...

The Art of Lenormand Reading


Welcome to the world of Lenormand! This system of divination was inspired by Madame Adelaide Lenormand, a well-known psychic at the time of the French Revolution, and was first realized in the late 1700s. This guide will help readers master...

Lenormand Oracle Cards


A deck of 36 Lenormand cards, plus 3 extra cards representing Alternate Man, Woman, and Child--inspired by art from the late 1700s. This deck of divination cards was inspired by Madame Adelaide Lenormand, a well-known psychic at the time of...

The Egyptian Lenormand


This insightful Lenormand system of divination includes 41 beautiful cards consisting of imagery channeled from ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses. Providing clear keywords and playing card associations, learn traditional Lenormand and ancient Egyptian meanings for each card or combination of...

Lenormand Cartomancy


Marie-Anne Lenormand was the greatest celebrity fortune teller of the Napoleonic Era. Among her famous consultants were Frances, Lady Shelley, Robespierre, and the Empress Josephine, with whom she formed a lifelong bond of friendship. Since the mid-nineteenth century, the enigmatic...

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